Walking and Cycling Holidays in Europe

Why cycling and walking tours?

It is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful countryside often missed when travelling by car or coach. We will guide you along rivers and lakes, through vineyards and forests, past imposing castles, through medieval towns and into historic cities.

Along the way you'll stop at cafes and beer gardens, enjoy wine tasting and great food, visit museums and monuments. Our tours allow you to travel at your own pace, and to adapt to you own interests and needs.

In most cases touring like this is a more economic way of experiencing overseas destinations.

What are the tours like?

Our holidays offer 4 to 8 days in local quest houses or small 2 to 4 star hotels. In some cases accommodation is on board a boat or in chateaux.

Routes are planned away from the main roads and lead on to small country lanes and [cycle] paths. Our itineraries take you across farms and through lush forests, along romantic rivers and through picturesque villages and towns on "no-cars-allowed" paths. You don't just see the countryside; you hear it, smell it and feel a part of it.

All our tours are "walking or cycling without luggage" packages. This means starting with a hearty breakfast prepared by you friendly host and ending with your luggage being transported for you. You are free to enjoy the scenery and culture along the way.

Who can take part?

The tours are meant for couples or individuals, families with children and small groups of friends. To take part you don't have to be a jogger, cycling enthusiast or an athlete - this is for everyone.


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